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‘This is it’, Alice said firmly. ‘The Jabberwock’s Lair.’

After re-joining with the others, Alice, Sora, Donald and Goofy travelled to a desolate and forbidden place with lava fountains and skeletons scattered all over the place. Inside, they could hear the growling of the Jabberwock, the Red Queen’s champion.

‘Must we go in there?’ Donald asked, his legs shaking.

‘We came so far.’ Goofy said. ‘There is no turning back.’

Sora looked at Alice. He grabbed her hand and gave it a slight squeeze. Alice squeezed back and smiled at him before letting go. The group readied their weapons and strode slowly into the lair. As they enter the lair, they stopped as they behold a creature that was most horrifying so far during their encounter. The creature resembled a giant, green lizard with mechanical wings, glowing yellow orbs for eyes and a burning furnace attached to its’ chest. This half-monster and half-machine was enough to scare anything in its way. When it spoke, it was in a low, dangerous voice.

‘You’ve kept me waiting, Alice. Have you never heard that punctuality’s a virtue?’ It tilted its head. ‘I see you brought your lackeys with you.’

‘Who are you calling lackeys?’ Donald cried angrily.

‘This guy reminds me of my dentist.’ Sora muttered to Alice.

‘Doesn’t he?’ Alice whispered back.

The Jabberwock prowled around before continuing, ‘You’re habitually late, aren’t you? Between your dim-witted daydreaming and your preening vanity, the hours just fly by; there’s barely time for anything else.’

Alice just folded her arms. ‘Is that the best you can do? Hurl second-rated insults? They don’t hurt…’

‘Your parents were expecting you to come to them, were they?’ The Jabberwock interrupted causing Alice to flinch. ‘Perhaps they thought you warn them of the danger… being close to the source, as you were. But they waited in vain, didn’t they, and died for their trouble.’

Alice voice shook, ‘We were all asleep. It was an accident… I…’

The Jabberwock interrupted again, this time with an edge in its voice. ‘You selfish, misbegotten, and unnatural child! You smelled the smoke but you were in dreamland taking tea with your friends. You couldn’t be bothered. Your room was protected and spare while your family upstairs roasted in an inferno of incredible horror.’

‘NNNNOOOOOO!!!!’ Alice screamed. She was about to fall to her knees when Sora caught her.

‘Don’t give in into your guilt Alice!’ he urgently said to her. ‘He is trying to make you vulnerable.’

‘Come on Goofy!’ Donald pointed his staff at the Jaberwock. ‘Let’s get him!’

‘Yeah!’ Goofy stepped in front of Donald to block the Jabberwock’s fiery breath. Once the flames resided, Donald returned fire with Blizzaga, attempting to freeze the Jabberwock. The Jabberwock merely spat out more fire to counter Donald’s ice spell. Goofy went on the offensive and smacked the Jabberwock on its head with his shield. Goofy might as well tried to hit a rock because the Jabberwock did not flinch. It gave a definite roar and tossed them away with its’ tail. Then the Jabberwock glared at Sora and Alice and aimed a beam of laser into their direction.

‘Proctecga!’ Sora shouted as he threw a shield of power over him and Alice. The laser made a contact with the shield and there was a loud explosion that rocked the lair. Donald and Goofy stared in horror as the explosion consumed their friends. When the dust settled, the Jabberwock growled in confusion when he could not find Sora or Alice’s bodies. Before he knew it, Sora and Alice, who recovered, were besides him. Sora brought his Key-blade on its back while Alice plunged the Vorpal Blade into its belly. The Jabberwock screamed in pain as spun around. Alice and Sora ducked and dodged its wild movement and continue their assault. Finally, the Jabberwock flung Sora off his feet with its metallic wings and struck Alice with its fist. Alice fell on her back and was helpless as the Jabberwock towered over her. Before the Jabberwock could finish her off, Gryphon appeared out of nowhere and tackled it to the crowd. On top of it, Gryphon used his sharp claw and scratched one of the Jabberwock’s eyes. The Jabberwock gave another screamed and pushed Gryphon off it. It stretched its wings and flew out of the hole, escaping for its life. Goofy helped Donald up as Sora pulled Alice to her feet. Sora made sure she was all right before letting her go, only for Alice to continue holding onto Sora’s hands. They stared into each other eyes before letting go.

‘Hurry Alice’, Gryphon said, oblivious to the byplay between Sora and Alice. ‘The eye staff is yours. The troops are gathered; everything is ready. I’ll deal with the Jabberwock. You are our champion. Lead us to victory in Queensland!’

Sora grimaced at the touch of the Jabberwock’s eyeball and handed it to Alice. Alice took it and connected it to the staff. At once, she felt the power radiating from it. Donald and Goofy were already on Gryphon’s back when Alice and Sora joined them. Sora helped Alice onto Gryphon’s back and sat behind her. Gryphon spread his wings and flew out from the same hole the Jabberwock escaped from


Gryphon flew through the night and soon reached the Red Queen’s domain. They landed in front of a giant glimmering wall and attached to it was a beating vein. Gryphon looked at the group.

‘Only the staff can pry that wall open. I will keep the Jabberwock distracted. Be safe, Alice.’

Alice held Gryphon’s head by the side. ‘And you take care. I will see you on the other side.’

Gryphon bowed his head low and took off. Once Gryphon was gone, the group turned to the vast glimmering wall. They searched for a door but found none.

Goofy scratched his head. ‘How are we suppose to get in?’

‘Do you know how to work that thing?’ Sora asked as Alice hold out the Jabberwock’s Eye Staff.

Alice frowned. ‘Not really… Maybe if I just point it towards the wall, concentrate it powers and then release… AH!’

The scream was cause when the staff glowed blue in colour and release a form of energy towards the wall. There was an explosion, leaving a wide enough hole in the wall.

‘Or that might work.’ Sora grinned at Alice, who grinned back.

The group walked through the hole and found themselves in the royal maze. The ground was lust with healthy grass, the walls of greens were nicely trimmed and there were statues and fountains in every corner. For a place ruled by a tyrant, there was some beauty in the domain. The group hurried on, avoiding the guards or, if came to the inevitable, silently slew them less they sound the alarm. After what seems hours, the group approached a small island surrounded by lava. On the island were Gryphon and the Jabberwock facing each other. They took to the air at the same time, engaging in aerial combat with Gryphon’s sharp claws versus the Jabberwock’s fiery breath. By a stroke of misfortune, the Jabberwock’s flames singed one of Gryphon’s wings making him unstable in the air. The Jabberwock seized this opportunity and lashed his tail down on Gryphon. To the horror of the group, Gryphon fell with increasing speed towards the ground; his body crashing into the rocks that was planted in the middle of the island. Gryphon sprawled on the rocks as the group hurried to his side. He was barely breathing. The Jabberwock flew and burned down the bridge that led to the other side. He landed and sneered:

‘How typical! How foolish you were to think you can overcome your guilt!’

Angered at Gryphon’s death, Alice pointed the staff at the Jabberwock and fired a blast of energy. The Jabberwock merely flew upward and allowed the beam to pass through him. The flying beast fired a dozen of fireballs at the group. Donald countered with Blizzardga while Goofy deflected the remaining fireballs. Sora fired a beam of light and hit the Jabberwock squarely in the chest. The creature screamed but was still airborne. It landed and glared at them, releasing a powerful laser beam. More calmer and focussed, Alice fired her own beam of laser with the staff and the beam collided with the Jabberwock’s own beam. The two beams pushed each other in different direction until the beam from the staff prove more superior to the Jabberwock’s. The beam knocked the Jabberwock off its feet and it landed on its back. It screamed in agony as it squirmed around until he exploded; showering the ground with mechanical bits, blood, molten liquid and organs. Alice, Sora, Donald and Goofy lowered their weapons and relaxed. Then they heard Gryphon’s gasps and kneeled to him. Gryphon turned to them.

‘Well done all of you.’ He weakly acknowledged them. ‘You have defeated the Queen’s guardian and avenge my death. Enter the ultimate battle.’

Alice gazed sadly at the brave creature. ‘Must I fight on? Can’t the Red Queen be persuaded to surrender?’

Gryphon shook his head. ‘True words and logic rarely defeat evil intent. She is still strong and so many had been harmed. They want revenge, which we call justice. She made this world, and she must pay. You… you must lead our forces against her.’

‘I’m not sure I know how to lead.’ Alice said doubtfully.

‘Do your best, Alice. You can only do your best. Besides,’ Gryphon smiled weakly. ‘You have friends to help you in your time of need.’ He indicated to Sora, Donald and Goofy.

Gryphon sighed and his eyes closed. His breathing stopped. Alice covered her face with her hands and sobbed besides the dead Gryphon. After allowing her to grief for her friend, Sora gently placed his hand on her shoulder.

‘Come on Alice.’ He whispered gently. ‘Let’s give him a proper burial. We have a lot of things ahead of us.’

Alice slowly nodded and held his hand, seeking for some comfort. Donald and Goofy allowed the both of them some time and started digging a hole. Sora pulled Alice to her feet and joined the other two in digging the hole. Once the hole was deep enough, the four of them gently carried Gryphon’s body and placed him in the hole. Soon the hole was buried and they all lowered their heads in silence.

Alice lifted her head in determination. ‘Let’s finish this!’

Sora nodded. ‘Together.’

Alice nodded and smiled. ‘Together!’

The party ran towards the door and pushed it open. They saw the White Chess pieces fighting against the Red Queen’s card guards, pushing them back against the palace gates. Alice, Sora, Donald and Goofy joined in the fray. Alice blasting any card soldiers with the staff, Sora slashing and hacking them into shreds, Donald firing magic and Goofy slamming his shield on any cards unfortunate in the way. They met the White King in the chaos as he decapitated a few Red cards with his sword. He noticed Alice and grinned.

‘I knew I find you here! When Gryphon told us about you leading us against the Red Queen, I rallied my troops in haste and joined the battle as soon as possible. It’s the least we can do for saving our queen!’

‘We appreciate your help.’ Sora told him.

Alice nodded gratefully. ‘We need to get to the Red Queen and destroy her completely!’

‘Then leave the rest to us!’ the White King said. ‘You go on and end her tyranny once and for all!’

Alice and Sora thanked him and they dashed towards the palace doors with Donald and Goofy bringing up the rear. They barged through the door and raced through the crimson walls and ramparts. Any card guards they encountered were cut down immediately. Soon, they reach a giant bronze door with three hearts on the side and top. As they were near to the door, the Cheshire Cat appeared before them.

‘Bravery and I are not on intimate terms’, he began as he walked towards them and sat down. ‘My natural curiosity is tempered with caution, thus I lived long.’ He vanished and reappeared on their left. ‘But now, ignoring my instinct to flee or fib, I speak the truth without regard of consequences. Your courage deserves no less.’ He reappeared on their right this time. ‘You have suffered great pain and you have caused some. You’ve endured deep grief and feeling of guilt.’ The door behind him slowly opened. ‘But you will be tested by a more wrenching anguish, Alice. There is worst to come. You and the Red Queen cannot both survive. You are two parts of the same…’

He was about to finish the sentence when suddenly; a beam of red energy slammed into him and decapitated him on the spot. The Cheshire cat’s head rolled to the stunned group. Alice fell to her knees and covered her face again.

‘Nooooooo…’ she groaned.

Sora also knelt besides Alice. ‘How could this had happened?’

Donald threw one of his tantrums. ‘That’s it! She is going DOWN!’

Donald rushed into the room, yelling a battle cry.

‘Donald!’ Sora cried as he stood up. ‘Wait!’

Alice cursed and followed both Donald and Sora into the room. Goofy frowned at the lifeless head of the Cheshire cat and asked aloud, ‘What did you mean about that last part?’

Receiving no answer, Goofy shrugged and hurried after his friends.


The group entered a massive room with four red pillars supporting a ceiling and a red carpet leading to a throne. They stopped as they noticed the throne was occupied. The figure was a woman with a pale, crimson face, red horns curved downwards, three red claws as hands and her bottom is made out of tentacles. Her clothing consisted of a red and purple stripes top, a white skirt and a purple cape.

Alice strode forward with Sora, Donald and Goofy behind her and asked, ‘Who am I?’

The Red Queen lifted herself from the throne and said, ‘Off with her head.’ Then her face fell, revealing her to be faceless. A giant tentacle lifted it off the throne, making it looked like a puppet and a giant crack split between them and her. The Red Queen fired magical projectiles at them. The group dodged behind the pillars before the projectiles could hit them. Hiding behind the pillar, Donald peeked out and fired his own magic at the Red Queen. His fire and lightning spells collided with the queen’s own projectiles, causing small explosions. The Red Queen could not see where her enemies are at and when the dust settled, she realized too late that Goofy, Alice and Sora were running towards the edge of the crack. Goofy fell to his knee and raised his shield over his head, like a platform. Sora and Alice jumped on the shield and Goofy gave them a boost; allowing Sora and Alice to fly over the gap. The Red Queen closed in her claws to defend herself but she was too late. Both Sora and Alice had their blades in their hand and they struck; Sora plunging Kingdom Key into the Queen’s chest and Alice sinking the Vorpal Blade into her head. The Red Queen screamed in agony and both Sora and Alice pulled out their weapons and jumped off the Queen before she collapsed onto the floor. She laid there still, body and tentacle. Donald and Goofy soon joined them as they checked to make sure the Red Queen was dead. Then a sparkling aura sprung out of the Red Queen and surrounded the group but not harming anyone of them. Without warning, the tentacle lifted up the dead body and retreated back into a hole. Something exploded and the group dodged the flying rocks that flew towards them. To their surprise, a head with red skin and yellow glowing eyes was in front of them.

‘What the hell is that?’ Sora asked.

In response, it opened its mouth and the Mad Hatter’s Face appeared then the Mad Hatter opened his mouth and Alice’s face appeared. It spoke in a woman’s voice.

‘I rule Wonderland alone. Your interference will not be tolerated. This realm is for grown-ups; raw, well-ordered, ruthless careening on the jagged edge of reality.’ Then its voiced changed, becoming huskier and grated. ‘Self-pitying dreamers are not wanted here. They cannot survive here! You fear the truth. You live in the shadows. Your pathetic attempts to reclaim your sanity have failed. Retreat to the sterile safety of your self-delusions or risk inevitable annihilation.’ Then it continued smugly. ‘If you destroy me, you destroy yourself! Leave now and some hollow part of you may survive. Stay, and I will break you down; you will lose yourself forever!’

After saying that, the head retreated back into the darkness. Alice stood up and clenched her fists. ‘There’s no way I’m turning back because some freak of nature threatens me! I’m regaining my sanity or die trying!’

‘And we will be behind you all the way!’ Sora said, standing besides her.

‘So are we!’ Donald joined in.

‘Yeah!’ Goofy agreed.

Alice smiled at her friends. ‘Thank you, I wouldn’t have made it without you guys.’

‘Oooohhhh!’ Goofy suddenly pushed everyone into a hug. ‘Group hug everyone!’

Sora and Alice’s cheeks touched each other and both of them sworn that they were heating up. After a while, Goofy let them go. Donald was gasping for air as the hug was too tight for him. Sora and Alice looked away from each other, in embarrassment.

‘Geeze, Goofy!’ Donald gasped. ‘You could have given us more warning!’

‘A-hyuck!’ Goofy scratched his ears. ‘Sorry. So are we ready?’

Alice was the first one to recover her composure. ‘Y-yeah! Sure!’ She stood in front of the hole, Vorpal Blade in hand. ‘Let’s go!’

She fearlessly jumped into the hole, followed by Donald and Goofy. Sora touched the cheek where it met with Alice’s and mused. Then he shook his head.

‘I have Kairi!’ he muttered to himself. ‘Kairi is my girlfriend! I’m not going to two-timed her for Alice!’

Sora steeled himself and jumped into the hole along with the others.


When Sora joined the others, they found themselves on a floating platform surrounded in darkness. The platform they were standing on was part of a ring made out of other floating platforms.

Goofy looked around and scratched his head. ‘So, where is the Red Queen again?’

Then coming from the darkness came two glowing, big yellow eyes and at a closer inspection, a gaping mouth came into view followed by several flailing tentacles. The creature was huge with a red body made out of three parts and on top of its head were eight long and thin smoking chimneys. The creature roared and swung one of the tentacles sideway towards the group. Sora and Alice jumped over it while Donald and Goofy ducked as low as possible. The Red Queen opened its mouth and fired sickly green projectiles at the group.

‘Protectga!’ Sora and Donald cried in unison, throwing an energy shield over them. The projectiles hit the shield and shattered it completely, hitting Sora’s party entirely. When the dust settled, everyone were lying face first into the ground. They moaned and slowly got onto their fours. The Red Queen did not allow them anytime to recover. She lifted one of the tentacles and brought it down on the platform where the group stood. The platform split in half, causing Alice and Sora to be catapulted onto the next platform while Donald and Goofy flew backwards onto the next.

Sora quickly pushed himself up as Alice joined him. ‘Split up!’ he cried to Donald and Goofy. ‘Make it confuse and attack it at every angle!’

Donald and Goofy acknowledged him and ran to the opposite direction, Donald firing magical missiles at the Red Queen while Goofy provided him cover. Sora and Alice stood their ground and defended themselves from any tentacles that came their way. Sora and Alice hacked and slashed any tentacles that were swung at them, no matter their sizes. Goofy deflected an incoming projectile, giving Donald enough time to concentrate all his magic on his staff, lifted it up and fired at the creature’s head. The Red Queen roared in pain and stopped attacking Sora and Alice. However, once the dust settled, the Red Queen was not affected by Donald’s attack roared loudly and angry. It opened its mouth skyward and spat out flaming projectiles into the sky. The projectiles slowly descended on the ring of platforms and the only thing the party could do was to cast a magical shield over them. The flaming projectiles blasted all the platforms with devastating effects, causing massive dust clouds. It took a while before the dust settled; revealing four ominous still bodies. Sora lifted himself painfully up and his heart dropped when he saw Alice lying there, unmoving. He dragged himself until he reached her side. He forced himself onto his feet and dragged the both of them behind a rock that was jutting out of the platform before another of the Red Queen’s missiles could hit them. Sora took a breather until he heard a soft groan from Alice. His spirit rising, he gently but firmly shook Alice.

‘Alice!’ he whispered urgently. ‘Please, wake up!’

Alice moaned again and slowly opened her green eyes. She murmured, ‘Sora…’

‘I’m here!’ Sora replied softly. ‘Are you hurt?’

Alice shook her head but she looked troubled. She sat up next to Sora, leaning against the rock, and said, ‘I’m fine it just that… It’s hopeless Sora! She’s too powerful! We can’t beat her!’

Sora looked into her eyes. ‘Don’t give up Alice! We can do it!’

Alice looked scornfully at him. ‘Easy for you to say! You’re the Hero of Light while I’m just a murderer… An orphan… And a crazy lunatic who can’t even tell the difference between reality and fantasy!’

Sora looked deep into her eyes and fiercely said, ‘You’re Alice Liddell, an ordinary girl who happened to stumbled into Wonderland and made a lot of friends. You’re also one of the Princesses of Hearts whom I rescued from Hollow Bastion! Now, standing right in front of me is a strong-willed and determined young woman who is fighting for justice and for her freedom! No matter what grief you cause and what monstrosity you committed, you’re still the same Alice everyone knows and loved! If anybody can bring this world back to the way it is, YOU ARE!’

Alice looked at Sora, her spirits rising as well. ‘Do you honest believe I can do it?’

Sora nodded. ‘Believe in yourself, think of everybody who is supporting us and think of those who need you!’ He stood up and instead of his hand; he extended his Key-Blade for her to reach. ‘Let’s defeat the Red Queen together!’

Alice looked up at him and nodded. As soon as she touched Kingdom Key, she was enveloped by light. She gasped as she felt warmth overflowing her body. ‘What’s happening to me?’

Sora grinned. ‘Like I said: no matter how much you had changed, you’re still Alice and one of the Princesses of the Heart.’

Alice stood up with new purpose and holding the Kingdom Key together with Sora, allowed herself to be engulfed by the light. The Red Queen noticed that they were still standing and flung one of its tentacles. Sora and Alice stood there defiantly and readied the glowing Kingdom Key. Before the tentacle could reach them, Alice and Sora swung Kingdom-Key sideway. The Key-Blade sliced the tentacle in half, destroying the whole thing. The Red Queen screeched in pain and furiously opened its mouth: firing a beam of magical energy towards the couple. Sora and Alice concentrated the Light’s power at the tip of the Key-Blade and fired. The beam of light met the Red Queen’s beam and collided, pushing each other in the other directions. At first the Red Queen’s beam gained the upper-hand in the deadlock but Sora and Alice put everyone whom they are fighting for into their heads and put more effort into their attack. The light pushed the magical beam back towards the Red Queen and it exploded into its face. Once the explosion subsided, the Red Queen went limp, and then twitches and thrashed violently. Without warning, it exploded; scattering limbs, organs and blood all over the place. Donald and Goofy, who were lying still on the other side of the battlefield, slowly woke up as blood and guts showered all over them. Sora and Alice were wise to hide behind the rocks to avoid getting splattered red. Once it subsided, Sora and Alice poked their heads up and saw that the Red Queen was utterly destroyed.

‘Oh my god…’ Alice whispered, not believing what had just happened. Then she whirled to Sora and grinned. ‘We did it! We kill the Red Queen! We save Wonderland! We save… myself!’

Sora laughed and both of them hug, without knowing it. They looked embarrassed as they stared at each other and blushed. Before they could break away, Donald and Goofy, who ran from the other side, joined in the hug: shouting congratulations and tightening the hug. Sora looked at Alice and shrugged and grinned. Alice smiled back and tightened her hold on Sora. After squeezing the life out of each other, they broke their embrace and saw the platforms glimmering.

Donald quacked. ‘What’s going on?’

Beneath their feet, they saw the barren ground turning into healthy, green grass while the darkness slowly dispersed: revealing a blue sky. For some reason, they found themselves in a green field surrounded with beautiful flowers, lusty trees and brilliant blue sky.

Wondering where they are, they heard a chorused shout, ‘Yes, Alice! You’ve saved us all!’

They turned towards the voice and to their surprise, they saw all their friends in front of them: waving and smiling at them. The Cheshire cat was sitting on a rock, grinning his usual grin, the White Rabbit was checking his pocket-watch, Caterpillar was smoking his hookah, the Mad Hatter was leaning against his staff, the Mocking Turtle and Bill were drinking brandy. Above them hovered Gryphon, healthy and in good shape.

Alice strode forward with Sora, Donald and Goofy behind her, tears in her eyes. ‘Everyone, how…’

‘Questioning the unknown will only turned your brain upside down.’ The Cheshire cat answered her, grinning widely.

Goofy stretched his arms in a dramatic way. ‘You’re all alive!’

Donald cringed at the Mad Hatter, who noticed his reaction and smiled. ‘I’m no longer a foe, once I was. When Alice here destroyed the Red Queen, I’m back to whom I’m used to be.’

‘Well done Alice!’ Gryphon congratulated. ‘We all knew you could do it!’

‘Wonderland is saved.’ Caterpillar inputted, puffing out smokes. ‘And so is your sanity Alice. Now, we’re truly free.’

‘Let’s celebrate with some brandy!’ Bill cried as he brandished the brandy bottle.

‘Yeah!’ the Mock Turtle said drunkenly.

The White Rabbit hopped forward until he was in front of Alice. ‘You’re just in time.’

Alice smiled as she hugged her friend. Sora, Donald and Goofy beamed as Alice was turning back into the Alice they knew. Then they noticed something big and red behind the group: it was their Gummi Ship. Sora cast a questioning glance at the Cheshire cat. It shrugged.

‘Hoping you could spend more time with us, I believe it’s time to say adieu.’

Sora sadly nodded. They done what they always had done, saving a world from darkness. Donald and Goofy exchanged their farewells with the others as Sora turned back to Alice. They stood there, staring at each other deeply into their eyes, green meeting blue. Then Alice clasped hands with Sora and pulled him closer to her. Before Sora knew it, they were hugging again. Sora, surprise, was about to pull away when he felt they were no awkwardness between them. Slowly, he wrapped his arms around her and they stood there for a while. He ignored the whistling from Goofy and the snickering from the Cheshire cat. They broke the embrace but Alice still had her face buried in his chest, unwilling to let him go.

‘Please…’ her voice muffled. ‘Please stay. I… I want you by my side. You’re the only one who makes me smile, the only person who understands me. You… You’re my only friend here. So please…’

Sora gently lifted her face, tears streaming down from her emerald eyes. Sora looked into her and had some feelings for her. Before he could say anything, he heard a cough behind him. He turned his head over his shoulders and looked at his two friends: Goofy wearing a worried look while Donald shook his head in disapproval. Sora thought back of his girlfriend, Kairi, waiting for him back on Destiny Island: her smile, her laughter, and her presence.

Like Alice, Sora was overcome with guilt of leaving Kairi for Alice. He had feelings for Alice but his love for Kairi was greater.

He wiped the tears from Alice’s eyes and he whispered, ‘Alice, thank you. I too share the same feelings with you. But,’ he continued on apologetically. ‘I have worlds and people to save. And… There’s someone faithfully waiting for me back home. It will be wrong to break her heart if I stay here. Alice, you’re not alone here. You have friends. The Cheshire cat, Rabbit, Caterpillar and the others are here for you so you won’t be alone here. I promise that I will visit you sometimes. Please understand.’

Alice eyes became tearful but she nodded, reluctant but understanding. Sora allowed her to cup his face in her hands and let them dropped until they met each other hands. She squeezed his hands and let go.

‘Good-bye Sora.’ She whispered. ‘Please come back.’

Sora nodded. ‘I promise. Take care of yourself and Wonderland.’

Alice nodded as Sora strode towards the Gummi Ship. Goofy and Donald followed him and entered the ship. The door closed and soon, the Gummi Ship was in the air. The Gummi Ship increased pace until it disappeared into the white clouds. Their friends waved farewells as the Gummi Ship rose higher into the sky. Alice stayed behind the group and raised her hand and started waving along with the others, tears freely flowing down her cheeks like her statue in the Vales of Tears.
Disclaimer: 'I do not own any of these characters in this story. These characters belongs to Spicy Horse and Square-Enix.'

Finally, the finale of American Mcgee's Alice crossover with Kingdom Hearts is completed. This is the part where Alice defeated the Jabberwock, the Red Queen and saved Wonderland, with Sora's help of course. The ending is different than the original with a more Romantic taste to it. :)

I know that Alice walked from the Jabberwock's Lair to the maze but I thought it made more sense if Gryphon brought them there. And I skip most if the part where she spent before fighting the Jabberwock. And no, Alice does not meet the White King during the battle.

I was only suppose to bring the relationship between Sora and Alice in Alice Madness Returns series but things got out of hand and for the first time, I felt the bond between these two characters growing as I wrote this story. So if you want their relationship to continue, comment below. Of course, I feel bad for Kairi though...

Enjoy! :)
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Really cool! Great ending, and really great final fights! Although I think that there should be some way that Alice and Sora can be together, but Sora wouldn't abandon Kairi...


Ah well. Great story by the way!


Oh, one little nitpick, which hopefully won't apply when you read this...


This should be chapter 5, not chapter 6. :P The last chapter in this series you wrote was Chapter 4. Just pointing that out.

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